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13" x 18", 175 pages
Published 1968, Houghton Mifflin Company

Contains a hand drawn illustration on the title page by Andrew Wyeth of "the mill" with the written dedication "drawn for Virginia & Hank with warmest wishes - Andrew Wyeth". The mill was one of the buildings on the Wyeth property that Andrew frequently drew. Another later drawing of the mill can be seen on our Andrew Wyeth Full Catalog page (here), a study for his iconic painting "Night Sleeper".

From the collection of Hank and Virginia Shupe, original owners of "Hank's Place", a well known Chadds Ford, PA restaurant on the corner of Route 100 and Route 1 (very near Andrew Wyeth's house and studio).

Family account:
"Andy, Betsy and Jamie were regulars at Hank's Place. Sometimes Andy would stop by just to say "Hello" to everyone."

"One day Jamie (Andrew's son) was in having lunch and he asked Virginia for an apron, he brushed his hair down his face and served someone just to see if they would recognize him. They didn't."

"Andy stopped by Hank and Virginia's home one Sunday morning. Their home was located across the the highway from the Stand as "Hank's" was sometimes called. They were eating breakfast and invited Andy to join them, however Andy declined and while Hank and Virginia finished their meal Andy sat down in the living room picked up the book and sketched the "Mill" and then signed it."



More on Hank's Place:

hanks_place_chadds_ford_1960s.jpg (56795 bytes)
Hank's in the 1960's

Hank_Shupe_hanks_place_1960s.jpg (51010 bytes)
Hank Shupe (right - this side of the counter) and Bill Greener, Franny Thompson and young Hank Smedley (on the other side of the counter) (1960's).

Victory Wyeth @ Hank's Place (YouTube video)

Photo of Andrew Wyeth and Helga at Hank's (From Catherine Quillman article)

Hanks today

adrew_wyeth_book_signed.jpg (108946 bytes)

adrew_wyeth_book_signed_drawing_wide.jpg (52096 bytes)

adrew_wyeth_book_signed_drawing.jpg (45425 bytes)

portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_sheep_full.jpg (77712 bytes)
"Portrait of Lady" color print image


(full portfolio set #80)
by James Browning "Jamie" Wyeth (b. 1946)
published 1975

- "PORTRAIT OF LADY"  12.25" x 22" image (18" x 26-7/8" over all) -  a full color fine varnished reproduction numbered "edition of 354", unsigned.

-"LADY"  black and white lithograph a detailed study, measuring approximately 22" x 16", signed pencil lower right "James Wyeth" and numbered 80/354.

-"HEAD OF LADY"  black and white lithograph a detailed study of sheep's head with inset of full figure, measuring approximately 22" x 16", signed pencil lower right "James Wyeth" and numbered 80/354.

-"PORTRAITS OF LADY" - booklet.

-Original gray paper folder embossed in gold "James Wyeth".

This is the first signed limited edition by James (Jamie) Wyeth - Limited to 354 sets - personally signed by the artist are the two Graphics, "Lady" and "The Head of Lady" - and one full-color numbered unsigned reproduction of the original "Portrait of Lady", which has been critically regarded as one of his most important works.

Set sold in full and will not be separated...

From a private collector, official numbered limited edition, two images signed by the artist. Details available.


 portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_set.jpg (51338 bytes)
portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print.jpg (49927 bytes)    portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_run_354.jpg (29679 bytes)  portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_etching.jpg (50962 bytes)     portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_80_signed.jpg (74096 bytes) portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_etching_2.jpg (42640 bytes)     portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_signed2.jpg (39224 bytes)portrait_of_lady_james_jamie_wyeth_print_folio.jpg (35334 bytes)



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