Rea N. Redifer

"We can ask and ask but can never get back what once seemed ours forever" ... J. L. Carr
Many times, in a wry sort of way, I think of painting as a form of that asking; an attempt to evoke the fleeting moments of the life we have lived.  Those moments can never be defined they can only be hinted at for ... "what once seemed ours forever" was our innocent wonder. ... perhaps a crow at dusk, a tree in winter, magnolias in the evening or even a moment of tragedy in the skies over Passchendaele in 1917 ... compelling moments and the feelings they evoke.
I try to touch upon those feelings.  

Rea N. Redifer  

June 10, 1933 - May 12, 2008




As the years pass, I become ever more fascinated with the American Myth.

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Rea Redifer Author:


The Last Waltz, 1989

The Prairie, 2005



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